Cancelled Visa Down Under? Chill, We Got Your Back

Here is everything you need to know if your visa gets cancelled in Australia – right from understanding the cancellation reasons, and your rights, to the available options.

Common Reasons for Visa Cancellations

  • Providing incorrect information in your visa application
  • Breaching visa conditions such as working more hours than allowed
  • Failing to maintain health insurance
  • Issues with character requirements
  • Changes in personal relationships for partner visas

Receiving a Visa Cancellation Notice

  • The cancellation notice is sent by the Department of Home Affairs
  • It specifies the reasons for the cancellation decision
  • Provides details on your rights and options to respond
  • Outlines the implications such as being an unlawful citizen and having to depart Australia

Key Implications of Visa Cancellations

If the cancellation decision is upheld after your response options have been exhausted, some key implications are: 

  1.  Unlawful Status

You become an unlawful non-citizen remaining in Australia without a valid visa.

This can attract penalties and risks associated with illegal stay.

  1. Inability to Work or Study

You lose all work rights and cannot continue employment.

Ongoing education also has to be discontinued.

  1. Impact on Future Visa Applications

A visa cancelled in Australia can influence future Australian visa applications.

One should demonstrate that reasons leading to cancellation no longer exist or have been mitigated.

  1. Removal from Australia

The Department of Home Affairs may issue a notice directing you to leave Australia within a stipulated date.

If you do not depart voluntarily, you can be forcibly removed or detained.

  1. Temporary Ban from Re-entering Australia

A 3-year ban may apply in certain cancellation cases before you can be granted another Australian visa.

How Can Experts Help You?

  • Analyze Cancellation Reasons: Experts can review your case details and identify the specific reasons that led to cancellation. This allows planning the right response strategy.
  • Advise on Response Options: Based on their experience, they can advise the optimal response – whether to reapply for revocation, seek ministerial intervention or opt for judicial review
  • Handle Communications with Authorities: Help draft appropriate responses to cancellation notices or application letters to ministers/court. Liaise on your behalf with immigration authorities. 
  • Support during Departure: If the cancellation decision holds, help arrange your departure formalities and apply for no further stay conditions to be waived allowing you to lawfully remain for a temporary period
  • Chances of Future Return: Assess the possibilities and pathways to legally return to Australia at a future date. Advise eligibility for visitor/student/partner visas after a certain period.

If you are stressed due to an Australian visa cancellation notice and need to know what next steps to take, feel free to contact us. Our empathetic teams are always ready to help – just like we have helped numerous clients sail through turbulent visa issues smoothly and successfully over the years!

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