186 Visa Shouldn’t Be Treacherous. Let Us Guide You!

At Victory Group, helping you through the 186 visa application is our top priority.

To apply for this visa under the standard eligibility streams, you must:

• Have an eligible sponsor willing to nominate you

• Have skills and experience to work in an eligible occupation

• Meet minimum English language requirements

• Meet health and character requirements

There are three main eligibility streams under the 186 visa:

  1. Temporary Residence Transition Stream

You can apply under this stream if you:

  • Have worked for your nominating employer for at least three years while holding a 482 visa
  • Will continue working in the same position under the 186 visa in Australia
  1. Direct Entry Stream

You can apply under this stream if you:

  • Have skills and experience to work in an eligible occupation
  • Have at least three years of relevant work experience
  • Have your overseas qualifications and work experience formally assessed
  • Meet minimum English language requirements

Key Steps in the 186 Visa Process

  1. Employer nomination

We can assist your employer with addressing all nomination requirements, including:

  • Demonstrating they are actively and lawfully operating a business in Australia
  • Providing evidence they have tried but have been unable to find an Australian citizen or permanent resident to fill your position
  • Showing your position aligns with the nature and scale of their business
  • Proving they can pay you the market salary rate for at least two years
  1. Visa application

Once the employer nomination is approved, you can submit your visa application including evidence you:

  • Meet skill, qualification, experience and English language requirements
  • Meet stringent health and character requirements

Why Choose Victory Group?

When you choose Victory Group for your application for a 186 visa in Australia, you get:

  • Obligation-free assessment of your eligibility
  • Guidance to employers on nomination requirements
  • Assistance throughout the entire process from both the employer and applicant side
  • Expert review of your complete visa application before submission
  • Higher success rate thanks to our attention to detail and quality control checks
  • Peace of mind knowing your application is in the hands of a trusted MARA agent

We know how much effort goes into these permanent residency applications – that’s why guarantee our commitment to your migration goals. Contact our friendly team today to discuss your pathway to living and working permanently in Australia.

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