Visa cancelled in Australia

Visa cancelled in Australia

Is your Australian visa cancelled? Visa cancelled in Australia means that a visa which was previously granted by the Department ceases to exist and this can be a stressful experience. Once your visa is cancelled, you will be given a certain number of days to depart Australia or you will be placed in immigration detention.

As your trusted partner in immigration matters, Victory Group Australia understands the complexities involved. We are here to provide you with critical information you need to know if your Australian visa gets cancelled and how our team can help.

Visa cancellation in Australia – Possible reasons

A visa cancelled in Australia is a decision made by the DHA (Department of Home Affairs) to revoke a visa holder’s permission to stay in Australia. This may occur for various reasons, including:

  • Failing to meet visa conditions (for example, breaching character requirements, not maintaining health insurance, etc.)
  • Providing misleading or false information during the visa application process
  • Criminal activity or involvement in serious offences
  • Health concerns posing a risk to the Australian community

What should you do after the visa is cancelled?

Receiving the news of your visa cancelled in Australia can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Here are some initial steps:

  • Carefully review the cancellation notice – Read the notice carefully and understand the reasons outlined for cancelling your visa and any appeal rights.
  • Seek legal advice – Consult an immigration agent at Victory Group Australia to understand your options. We will help you analyse the specifics of your case and recommend the most appropriate course of action.
  • Consider applying for a bridging visa – Bridging visa will let you stay in Australia whilst you prepare an appeal or address your visa cancelled in Australia.

Why choose Victory Group Australia?

Victory Group Australia has a robust expertise and history of over two decades in the immigration and legal sector. It is our experience and personalised approach that sets us apart. Our team is a collection of immigration agents, lawyers, and solicitors, each well-versed and knowledgeable in their respective domains. We are adept in guiding you through the visa cancellation process in Australia. You can count on our support for the following:

  • Understanding the notice of cancellation and its implications
  • Evaluating potential pathways forward, including applying for a new visa or appealing the decision
  • Preparing and submitting an appeal
  • Liaising with the DHA

Don’t navigate the situation of a visa cancelled in Australia alone. Contact Victory Group Australia today for a confidential consultation.

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