Want to Bring Your Parents to Live in Australia? Here’s How!

The Australian government has two main visa options for parents wanting to move here:

  1. Permanent Parent Visa to Australia – This lets your parents live in Oz forever! No need to renew. There are two types:
  2. Contributory – You pay a lot upfront but it’s processed super fast
  3. Non-Contributory – Cheaper but can take a long time to get approved
  1. Temporary Parent Visa to Australia – Allows your parents to live here between 1-5 years. Good if they just want an extended vacation or try it out before going permanent.

NOW FOR THE IMPORTANT STUFF – Are Your Parents Even Eligible?

We’ll make sure they check all the boxes! Here’s what Australia wants to see:

  • Prove They Have Enough Money

Your parents need to show they’ve got enough money to support themselves here. The amount depends on the visa, but you may need to promise to help them out financially too.

  • Stay Healthy!

Your parents will need to complete a full medical exam. This helps ensure they’re in good overall health to live comfortably in Australia. The goal isn’t to exclude anyone but to make sure they can receive proper care if needed. Even if your parents have certain conditions, many can still qualify as long as the right support is in place. We’ll guide you through any special requirements.

  • Prove You’re Family

Yep, you’ll need documents like birth certificates to show you’re legitimately related. The government takes family ties very seriously.

  • Be a Good Egg!

Your parents have to prove they’re upstanding citizens with no criminal background and good character. Felons need not apply!


Filling out immigration forms sounds like a nightmare! That’s why you’ll want experts like us to:

  1. Ask All the Right Questions In our first meeting, we’ll grill you about your situation to figure out which visa is best for your parents.
  2. Get All The Paperwork Ready We’ll tell you every single document you need and make sure it’s filled out. No missing forms here!
  3. Submit the Application Then we’ll handle sending in the full application to the government on your behalf. Phew, glad that’s out of our hands!
  4. Track Progress & Next Steps While we wait to hear back, we’ll give you regular updates. Once they’re approved, we’ll guide you both on moving plans, housing, and getting settled.

From that first chat, until your parents are settled here, we’ll guide you through every single step. No feeling lost!

No more long flights and expensive visits. You deserve to have your loved ones here with you. Let’s get started bringing them home!

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