LMT Made Easy: Labour Market Testing with the Experts

The key to successful labour market testing in Australia is proving your business made genuine efforts to hire Australians before looking abroad.

Ways to demonstrate this include:

  • Advertising on platforms most relevant to the role
  • Making ads visually attention-grabbing with logos/branding
  • Using industry keywords applicants will search for
  • Running ads at times locals are likely to be searching
  • Advertising roles the company genuinely needs to fill
  • Interviewing potentially suitable local applicants

These efforts show your business is committed to giving Australians a fair chance at roles before sponsoring foreign nationals.

Skills Assessments

Another key requirement businesses should be aware of is skills assessments. Many visas require applicants to have their skills formally assessed by the relevant assessing authority for their occupation.

For example, accountants need assessment from CPA Australia or CAANZ, teachers need VIT registration, etc.

Businesses must check the skills assessment requirements for the visa they are sponsoring and ensure candidates obtain assessments before applying.

Victory Group can guide skills assessment processes for various occupations required under different visa programs.

The Risks of Non-Compliance

Failing to comply with labour market testing requirements can carry serious consequences, including:

  • Visa application refusals
  • Reputational damage
  • Financial penalties
  • Being barred from sponsoring visas

Given the severe outcomes, businesses must conduct labour market testing ethically and diligently. This is why Victory Group is here to support companies through every step of the process.

With over 20 years of experience across immigration, education, recruitment and legislation, our experts ensure full compliance with the latest regulations. We can review your labour market testing approach to identify any gaps or issues.

We can also help implement best practices that strengthen your evidence and visa nomination case. This reduces the risks of applications being questioned or refused.

Ultimately our guidance provides businesses with confidence that their labour market testing meets requirements during immigration audits and checks.

Partnering With Victory Group

As demonstrated above, labour market testing in Australia is complex. Rules are continuously updated while the onus is entirely on sponsors to prove genuine local hiring efforts.

That’s why for over 20 years, we have supported Australian employers to build robust cases that withstand intense scrutiny by immigration. Partner with our highly skilled team today to conduct labour market testing and nominations with absolute confidence and peace of mind.

Contact Victory Group today through our contact form or phone at 02 9621 2808 to book a consultation.

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